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Nokia is selling its Devices & Services division to Microsoft

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This blog post will be very short.

I published my thoughts about high probability of selling smartphone’s division to Microsoft 18 months ago. I ended blog article with the sentence “So, I would not be surprised if this current rumour happens in the future...”.

Now it happened and it is a reality. I am not surprised, but nevertheless yesterday it was very sad day for me. Although I am using Android and Blackberry devices today, Nokia N900 still keep place of unforgettable device in my memory.

It is a time to say definitively: Goodbye Nokia. It was pleasure to met your devices until Windows Phone platform set fire to your fundamentals. Ehm, remember Elop’s burning platform 🙁

Feedly – Google Reader replacement – now with support from Reeder, gReader and more

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For those who missed it, Google Reader service will be closed at 1st July 2013. I used and loved this RSS service for years, so I started looking for alternatives. Therefore I joined immediately to Feedly which seems to be one of viable replacement for me. The main reason was Feedly has similar design and features comparing to original Google Reader. And, on the top of that Feedly also announced development of Normandy project, e.g. clone of existing Google Reader API!

How to create your own vector offline maps?

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I am preparing for the upcoming photo workshop in winter’s Scotland now. Because I recently switch from Nokia N900 to Samsung Galaxy S Duos, I also wanted to update my navigation toolset. I installed popular Locus application on my handset and tried to use it with up-to-date vector Openstreetmap maps.

Top 10 free applications for Maemo/Nokia N900

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A list of my favourite applications for Maemo/Nokia N900. There are a various lists available on Internet, but most of them are outdated. This one is fresh and proved by almost 3 years of everyday usage and trying of different apps. Applications are in alphabetic order.

eCoach– sports tracker application. GPS functionality is binded to various map sources including Open Street Maps and Google Maps. Tracks could be directly uploaded to HeiaHeia site, for others track is available in *.gpx file.

How to make Harmattan look & feel on Maemo/Nokia N900

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Are you tired of old Maemo design? Do you like Harmattan user interface on Nokia N9/N950 including icons design? In that case you could find out following procedure handy.


meego screenshot2

In the following text you will see how to get harmattan-like themes, how to improve look using the newest Nokia Pure font and how to change lock screen towards to harmattan feature.

Instructions for running Nemo mobile on Nokia N9

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If you are experienced geek, hacker or developer and you are using Nokia N9, you can try testing of Nemo Mobile on your device. The instructions were published in project wiki and announced by Jukka Eklund in Mer mailing list in his answer to question regarding schedule of Nemo port to N9.

New roadmap for Nemo project is here

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Two months ago I wrote about progress in Nemo project. I’ve constantly updated image on mmc card inside my Nokia N900 to monitor changes in the meantime. Today Jukka Eklund published his tweet regarding new roadmap for the project, so I decided to summarized what would happen in the future and what happened in the past in Nemo weekly releases since my last article.

Is the rumoured purchase of Nokia’s smartphone division by MS really bogus?

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There are a numerous articles which are focused on Stephen Elop’s answer to the question regarding rumoured purchase of Nokia smartphone division by MS. All of them comments that Elop has marked this rumour as a bogus.

But… if you read his answer carefully, he stated folllowings:

“As we’ve described it before, the rumors are baseless, and some people who seem to enjoy generating rumors are running out of fresh material, so it seems to have come up again. I have nothing else to say.”

It simple means Eldar Murtazin has gained such (older) materials from Nokia where this idea is really described? It might be only one of possible options, but as many of us know, options has some conditions. And real sales of new Nokia’s WP phones are still so far from announced plans ;-( So, I would not be surprised if this current rumour happens in the future…

Další verze Nemo Mobile je venku

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Kdo chce, má Nokii N900 a volnou alespoň 4gb micro-sd kartu (doporučuji alespoň 8gb class 10), může zkusit nainstalovat další verzi operačního systému Nemo Mobile. Pro ty kdo neví, Nemo Mobile je ve zkratce pokračování Meego Community Edition poté, co Nokia odstoupila od projektu Meego a Intel zareagoval spojenectvím se Samsungem na platformě Tizen. Provozovat jej lze především na mobilních telefonech N900, N950 nebo N9.

Očekávaný Nokia N900 PR1.3 můžete stahovat

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Během odpoledne se na telefonu objevil žlutý vykřičník symbolizující dostupné aktualizace, nejčastěji aplikací třetích stran. Tentokrát zde ale čekalo příjemné překvapení v podobě očekávané aktualizace systému Maemo – PR1.3. Očekávané zejména kvůli ohlášené možnosti tzv. dualbootu pro vývojáře, tj. při startu zařízení může Nokia N900 jako první telefon nabídnout výběr operačního systému podobně jako je tomu na velkém desktopu.