Top 10 free applications for Maemo/Nokia N900

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A list of my favourite applications for Maemo/Nokia N900. There are a various lists available on Internet, but most of them are outdated. This one is fresh and proved by almost 3 years of everyday usage and trying of different apps. Applications are in alphabetic order.

eCoach– sports tracker application. GPS functionality is binded to various map sources including Open Street Maps and Google Maps. Tracks could be directly uploaded to HeiaHeia site, for others track is available in *.gpx file.

FCamera – open source camera implementation. It offers various exposure modes including HDR, focus, white balance, iso settings. Don’t miss possibility to shoot directly to raw format (*.dng).

Hermes – handy application for those who wants integration and synchronization of phone contacts with friends on Facebooks, colleagues on LinkedIn and others on Twitter.

Kasvopus – very simple Facebook client. You can updating your status, showing news, viewing photos, make comments and so on.

MeeCast – everyone is interested in weather forecasts. This application allows dealing with multiple site and three weather forecast online services. All in Harmattan feel and look.

Nelisquare – if you like Foursquare and want to check-in, don’t miss this app. There is only one drawback – you cannot insert new place.

Opera – popular internet browser with almost same features available in his bigger brother on the desktop – including tabs and Opera Link for synchronization of bookmarks.

QuickFlickr – if you like photography, probably you have Flickr account. This app showing photos in the same way as you can do it yourself with classic paper photos on your table. Very nice.

Tweed Suit – neccessary application. Brings interface similar to desktop clients. Combines Twitter client with RSS reader. Missing only integration with Read-it-Later.

WordPress – useful manager for WordPress sites. I have one – dedicated to photography – so this app cannot miss in my toolkit.

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