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The best router/adapter for frequent travelers: Satechi Smart Travel Router

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In this review, I will describe my first thoughts after unboxing of Satechi Smart Travel Router. This wonderful device allows you charging your devices like laptops in power sockets from 150 countries including EU, United Kingdom and USA/Canada. It also includes two USB slots for charging smartphones and tablets. On top of that, it offers very capable wifi router with four connection modes.

Feedly – Google Reader replacement – now with support from Reeder, gReader and more

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For those who missed it, Google Reader service will be closed at 1st July 2013. I used and loved this RSS service for years, so I started looking for alternatives. Therefore I joined immediately to Feedly which seems to be one of viable replacement for me. The main reason was Feedly has similar design and features comparing to original Google Reader. And, on the top of that Feedly also announced development of Normandy project, e.g. clone of existing Google Reader API!

How to convert magnet links into .torrrent file in Firefox

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Some torrent servers do offer only magnet links instead of .torrent files. If you are curious what magnet links means please read the magnet link explanation on this link. If you have torrent client on the desktop (uTorrent, vuze), you are required only to configure your favorite browser to redirect magnet file to the desktop client. But what to do if you need to download the good old torrent file?

How to make screencast?

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I’ve decided to make Photoshop tutorials for editing of photos. My friends-photographers asked me for to do it.  They also requested the format of those tutorials – video supported by narration. Screencasting looks like perfect technology for this task, because screencasting is video recording of computer screen output.

There is a plenty screencasting tools on the market. I selected CamStudio Recorder. CamStudio Recorder is an open-source software, it makes possible to use lot of video codecs and it allows also voice recording. All of this was important, because I did not want spend money (I spent time!), I wanted to use video codec compatible with YouTube and I wanted to record my voice as narration of the tutorial.

How to create your own vector offline maps?

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I am preparing for the upcoming photo workshop in winter’s Scotland now. Because I recently switch from Nokia N900 to Samsung Galaxy S Duos, I also wanted to update my navigation toolset. I installed popular Locus application on my handset and tried to use it with up-to-date vector Openstreetmap maps.

How to encode video by ffmpeg using DivX codec

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This is just a remark for me, because occassionally I need to convert mp4/x264 video using DivX codec, but due to random applicability I am not able to remember it. Why DivX? Video encoded by DivX is only one reliable option for me how to stream video from my NAS to TV without any interruption. I am using ffmpeg utility for video conversions, it is a reliable cross platform tool with lot of features and I am mostly happy with it.

So how to do it? Simple run something like  following command (the most important bolded):

Back from the western cost of the U.S.

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As you probable now, I signed-up last year to the very special event this year – photo workshop in the USA. Now I’m back in the Czech republic, sit down before my laptop and I am still full of emotions and experiences from this unusual trip. Originally, we’ve plan to see canyons and deserts, which is not something possible to see in my country nor in the whole Europe, but… We abandon this plan at the moment when Jiri Stransky said magical name of Oregon!

Maybe you know, maybe not, famous photos from Marc Adamus. If not, checked his gallery later on. Sure, pure technically his images are composites from several exposures, some better, some worse, but who take care at the first moment? They are simple unforgettable. So we wanted to see places as Oneonta gorge, Ruby beach, Thor well etc. see for ourselves.

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How to enable and configure Optware during start of NAS server

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There was unpleasant surprise for me that command for running nano editor did not work on my NAS server QNAP TS-419P. I had no time to investigate causes, so I had to use vim to complete task, but after its completion, I’ve returned to the problem.

Nano editor is one of popular packages which extends capabilities of your NAS server. These packages are available for QNAP NAS servers via Optware IPKG system. Therefore I tried to use ipkg command to discover a probable problem with packages, however even ipkg did not work. It did not work because whole /opt directory was not simple available, ouch! How it is possible? I don’t know, maybe the newest firmware 3.8 has some bugs, but it does not matter, I want to bring ipkg back to the operation.

Photo gallery for my favourite shire – Bohemian Forest

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It took some time, but now new gallery specialized to Bohemian Forest (Šumava in czech) mountains is [link to the blogpost or directly to gallery]