Feedly – Google Reader replacement – now with support from Reeder, gReader and more

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For those who missed it, Google Reader service will be closed at 1st July 2013. I used and loved this RSS service for years, so I started looking for alternatives. Therefore I joined immediately to Feedly which seems to be one of viable replacement for me. The main reason was Feedly has similar design and features comparing to original Google Reader. And, on the top of that Feedly also announced development of Normandy project, e.g. clone of existing Google Reader API!

In the meantime, I try to use Feedly on desktop, Android and iPad devices. It works very well on desktop. However, for Android and iPad I quickly returned back to original applications – gReader and Reeder – still relying on Google Reader service.  The primary reason was that Feedly application has no offline caching, therefore it requires online connection to internet for reading posts. It did not fit well to my situation.

However, with these settings, there was big uncertainty what happens after 1st July, whether I will still use my favourite applications on my smartphone and tablet. Therefore I was little bit nervous and still watching for another possibilities (like installment of Tiny Tiny RSS on web server or looking for another applications).

But now I am very happy. Feedly today announced its roadmap for further service development. And part of this announcement is that Reeder, Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify and gReader are design partners for Normandy project. It means these applications will be able to access Feedly before Google Reader retires and the access to Feedly API will be free!

This is a great news! Thanks, Feedly! Thanks, developers of these applications! I really appreciate your effort.

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