How to make Harmattan look & feel on Maemo/Nokia N900

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Are you tired of old Maemo design? Do you like Harmattan user interface on Nokia N9/N950 including icons design? In that case you could find out following procedure handy.


meego screenshot2

In the following text you will see how to get harmattan-like themes, how to improve look using the newest Nokia Pure font and how to change lock screen towards to harmattan feature.At first, the following packages need to be installed on your phone (from extras or devel-extras repository).

After that, please follow next steps.

  1. Open Settings, in the Themes applet choose Harmattan Black and confirm.
  2. Wait until user interface will be fully redrawn.
  3. In Settings, run Theme Customizer applet.
  4. Change Font to Nokia Pure Text (from default Swiss for actual theme).
  5. Check that your icon pack is harmattan-icon-pack.
  6. Tick on Auto-reboot after saving settings.
  7. Confirm your settings by pressing Apply changes button. The applet will backup previous settings and restart your phone.
  8. Now your desktop and icons looks very similar to Harmattan devices.
  9. Go to the Menu and run QtLockScreen Config
  10. Select Harmattan-lockscreen, push the item until local menu will show.
  11. Choose Set as active theme from menu, close the application.
  12. Now even your lock screen looks like on Nokia N9 or Nokia N950.

Personally, I like fresh look of icons and user interface, despite the fact I need to forget all icons I know from past and have to learn new set of them. What do you think? Do you like this interface?

One Response to How to make Harmattan look & feel on Maemo/Nokia N900

  1. Ravensun says:

    Harmatthan theme je docela povedené, jen kdyby to umělo srovnat ikony na ploše, ale to asi není možné.
    Dále by se mi víc líbilo, kdyby notifikační bubliny o přišlých zprávách které byly podbarveny v původním theme žlutě, byly nadále žluté, protože v tomto Harmatthan theme je to nečitelné.
    Ten QTLockscreen se mi absolutně nelíbil. Kdyby to šlo upravit (na což jsem teda nepřišel) a odebrat přehrávač na zamknuté ploše a seznam úloh + přednastavený obrázek na pozadí zamknuté plochy, tak by to bylo možná ok, ale myslím si, že defaultní lockscreen toho Harmatthan theme je daleko stylovější.

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