New roadmap for Nemo project is here

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Two months ago I wrote about progress in Nemo project. I’ve constantly updated image on mmc card inside my Nokia N900 to monitor changes in the meantime. Today Jukka Eklund published his tweet regarding new roadmap for the project, so I decided to summarized what would happen in the future and what happened in the past in Nemo weekly releases since my last article.

 As you can see on the project wiki, the roadmap for the project has been updated. Current goals are building UX fully on the QML, incorporation of Qt5, movement toward HTML5, replacement of display manager for Wayland and maintaining good compatibility with Harmattan Qt components (Meego, N9) based apps. All of this built for N900, N950 and x86 devices.

It means that would be possible to run N9 applications on Nemo devices or the porting of these applications would be easy. Also, in the future, running of such new applications based on the QML, Qt and HTML5 would be possible.

I’m glad of this direction and I’m looking forward for the next releases.

Despite numerous bugs solved, the followings are main changes for Nemo since December 2011 in my view:

  • Twimgo (Twitter), Kasvopus (Facebook) and NewsFlow (Google Reader) has been updated to the last versions available for Harmattan (N9), Maemo and Symbian. And they are working well.
  • Now Heliumreborn is basis for web browser. Must say, previous web browser based on Helium has problem with displaying pages smoothly, but it was stable. Now the situation is opposite one. It displays web pages well, but it crashes on complex sites.
  • Camera is working stable. It supports focusing on tap, white balance and EV correction.
  • Photo application has been replaced for QML based Photo gallery. Good.
  • File Manager was added. As you can expect, it is an QML based application. I’ve no time to test it.
  • Now it is possible to install application from Apps for Meego catalog via special client application. Verified, I’ve used for installation of Helium web browser as replacement for Heliumreborn.
  • Update for Mer core. It was promised to update core regularly.
  • There is an application for Reddit (QmlReddit), but I not used this service, so I don’t know.
  • Dialing functionality was improved (alert tones, missing calls etc.)

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