Instructions for running Nemo mobile on Nokia N9

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If you are experienced geek, hacker or developer and you are using Nokia N9, you can try testing of Nemo Mobile on your device. The instructions were published in project wiki and announced by Jukka Eklund in Mer mailing list in his answer to question regarding schedule of Nemo port to N9.


schedule is whenever we get it working.. I edited in the experimental

process in to the wiki: This method

requires connection to PC in the boot time, so is a tethered method.

Nemo itself should work with N9 just as well as N950, so pretty

nicely. Please do report back (via if you

encounter anything.


You should be warned that porting of Nemo mobile is an experiment of one developer at this time, so that by following his instruction you may brick your device to state where it can’t be returned to usage. Instructions required very good understanding what you are doing. So, if you decide to follow, you are doing it at your own risk.

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