About Lubos Bruha

He started his career in the late 90’s as a professional developer having previously won the national round of secondary school contest by programming utilities for the machinery designers and production technology. He participated in several major projects in the banking, telecommunication and government sectors.  His specialty was object-oriented languages (Java, C++, Visual Basic.NET) where he took advantage of his skills of analysis and synthesis.

On the Internet he regularly contributed to the magazine Svet Namodro, mostly by articles focused on .NET platform. He was one of four guys standing behind in its time a successful project vbasic.cz, a public platform for sharing tips, tricks and tutorials regarding popular Visual Basic programming language. He also contributed to several open source projects in the roles of programmer and translator.

At this time he was asked by Computer Press publisher for writing and editing programmers oriented books. He wrote  two books focused on object oriented software development: Java – Complete Solutions (Java Hotová řešení) and Getting started with Visual Basic.NET (Začínáme ve Visual Basic.NET) before he switched his career to the financial world in 2003.

Although currently he is not actively involved in IT world, he is still fascinated by modern technology and ICT. Moreover, his friends still regard him as an IT guy who can help them. He also runs, in addition to this blog, site http://photo.bruha.net focused on his photographic passion.

Enjoy this site!

2 Responses to About Lubos Bruha

  1. Ján Dankovič says:

    Vážený pane, mám na Vás jednu prosbu…., potrebujem poradiť, a myslím, že by to zaujímalo i mnohých ďalších…..
    Doteraz , kým neprevzal Microsoft Skype, bolo dosť programov, ktoré umožňovali nahrať video rozhovory so zvukom oboch strán…, ale tieto teraz prestali fungovať lebo Microsoft nepovoľuje spúšťať so Skype pridružené programy….
    Ak by Ste vedel o takejto možnosti veľmi by ma to potešilo a zrejme i mnohých iných…. S úctou J. D.

    Žiaľ nevedel som nájsť Vašu mailovú adresu, tak sa Vás pokúšam takto kontaktovať…

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