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How to automatically convert mp4 video file to divx format

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I developed this solution because I was tired for tedious tasks related to conversion of nowadays mp4 files to avi format readable by my Panasonic plasma TV. These tasks requires getting important parameteres from mp4 files like video and audio bit rates and concluding long command line for ffmpeg utility.

Nokia is selling its Devices & Services division to Microsoft

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This blog post will be very short.

I published my thoughts about high probability of selling smartphone’s division to Microsoft 18 months ago. I ended blog article with the sentence “So, I would not be surprised if this current rumour happens in the future...”.

Now it happened and it is a reality. I am not surprised, but nevertheless yesterday it was very sad day for me. Although I am using Android and Blackberry devices today, Nokia N900 still keep place of unforgettable device in my memory.

It is a time to say definitively: Goodbye Nokia. It was pleasure to met your devices until Windows Phone platform set fire to your fundamentals. Ehm, remember Elop’s burning platform 🙁

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